World Christian Times

“A new sound is descending over Namibia’s airwaves. It is very contemporary, very hip, very rock and very soulful…the global flavour of kingdom based praise and worship features prominently”


“Efmradio is a Christian Radio Station With Lots Of Funk And Vibe, a Project Born Out Of a Desire To See Change”

Inside Radio

“Traditional radio wil continually evaluate to increase listners and revenue, integrating new strategies to hold audience, all amit a stream of new competion. But there is one player in the radio arena whose approach is, one might say, inspired by faith. Christian broadcasters have quietly amassed thriving broadcast platforms, readily able to compete anywhere.”

I love efm! I listen it when I am sad when I am glad and even when I feel nothing at all this station is food for my soul and spirit and keeps me. You go Carol…blessed new year for efm and crew

Samuel Papo

“Love EFM Radio, it’s always what I listen to when driving to work and am encouraged by the ministry through the presenters of EFM, God richly bless you!”

Michael Mutale

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