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Mini Bible College – Awesome Bible Study Tool

Our favourite program on the way to school in the mornings is Mini Bible College, airing 6h30 to 7h00 on efmradio in the mornings. What impressed us most is Pastor Dick Woodward’s extensive knowledge of the Bible. His knack of explaining how a verse and the book fits into the whole, causes the program to come together in a remarkable way. Particularly fascinating are his explanations with reference to who penned every book, the time frame in which it was written, and how it was viewed in biblical times.

Motivated by what I was hearing, I decided to search for the lessons online. They are particularly helpful during my Bible study time. It’s inspiring to know in what context a verse or chapter was penned. What especially impressed is the fact that there is an app for my phone. 

The study material is organized in specific categories. Lesson Audios, Leaders Guides and Student workbooks can be downloaded. This is useful when I need to do off-line study. Data is expensive in Namibia and WiFi isn’t always available. An online account can be created and you are able to track your study progress.

The Additional Resources section of the app includes a verse by verse commentary on John and this is very illuminating. This particular section is not aired on radio.

Mini Bible College, both the lessons aired on radio and the ones on my app have been tremendously helpful in understanding my Bible better. For example, the concept of “seek first the kingdom” (Matthew 6:33) has never been so well explained. These lessons are relevant and to the point.

By Sarina – an “enthusiastic” efmradio listener

Find the app online:

You can get your free bible study app on the Google Play Store, and iTunes Store.

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