Advertising or Ministry

Getting Started

So you’re ready to use this platform for your business or ministry? Great! Efm Radio is not only the #1 source for spreading your message, but in fact there’s no faster way to reach your target market.

How Advertising Works

Radio advertising involves scripts, production, editing and airing of your segment. We take the slog out, and produce your ad. If you already have one that meets our requirements, we may use yours. We know the in’s and the out’s and will make the transition as smooth as possible.

How Ministry Segments Work

Ministry programming involves you, the client, supplying your material, in a format to be specified by us, with reference to length, quality, and how we access your material or content, for example Dropbox.

Why Efm?

You may be asking, so we’ll answer. Our coverage area reaches across the Erongo Region to almost 180 000 people – approx. 105 000 in Walvis Bay and almost 75 000 in Swakopmund. These numbers have been verified by the respective municipalities.

Our response from the community is excellent. We’re a platform geared to help you spread the word, since 2005, with our listening community regarding us as family and therefore putting their trust in our content.


If we’re producing your commercial (included in your package deal) from scratch, your input would be invaluable. All production work is done in-house using either a voice of your choice or voice talents available. Even before we submit the commercial (whether for advertising or ministry), you can request details such as “young female with happy voice” etc. Your approval before airing is a given and the custom artwork for our website and Facebook (depending on relevant package) is also done with your input.


If you require us to work within a specific budget, we’ll come up with the best offer you’ve received for your commercial or ministry program. Alternatively, request our ready made budget options. Please note these can be adapted to suit your needs.

On Air

When all is said and done, you’ve approved the material and everything is ready, set, go, all you do is sit back and listen. We pray over your commercials and ministry air time in order that they reach the target market.


Trust is a sound belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.