Rejoice! Psalm 97:1 20th April 2021

Yahweh now reigns as King! Let everyone rejoice!His rule extends everywhere, even to distant lands,and the islands of the sea, let them all be glad. TPT What a cause to rejoice! If you feel the world is spinning out of control, be assured Psalm 97:1 reassures us God's rule extends absolutely everywhere. There is not… Continue reading Rejoice! Psalm 97:1 20th April 2021


Rhoda Timeout – by Carol

Have you ever had a Rhoda timeout? It's a moment in time when instead of saying "hey guys, timeout" - you literally have a moment where even you weren't prepared for your own actions. Rhoda (only mentioned once in the Bible) was a young slave girl, by all accounts a Christian, as she was part… Continue reading Rhoda Timeout – by Carol

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Mini Bible College – Awesome Bible Study Tool

Study the bible every weekday morning at 6h30 with Pastor Dick Woodward. Mini Bible College is an invaluable resource to start your day. These broadcast lectures, compiled by Pastor Woodward, and based on his extensive knowledge of the Bible, takes you from Genesis to Revelation. It's an incredible way to kick start your day.