Messages received over the years indicate we accompany people throughout their day. efmradio is considered an encouraging presence. We believe that passion for this format is enormous and people have willingly spread our name not only by word of mouth but also social media.

“It is easy listening, always food for thought and sustenance for meditation.”

Nhlanhla Mkandla

“Interesting, useful discussion programs”

Esther Hoveka

“Wish their offices were in Windhoek so i could hang out there like the good ol’ days when i first got to Namibia 🙂
and to this day lots of my friendships have stemmed from there. Efm is practically family… whether they know it or not.
thanks for your tireless efforts, it’s a blessing and constant encouragement.”

Harry Msimuko

“This is the best station, I would highly recommend everyone when you wake up and after you’ve said your daily prayer to tune to this station. It prepares you for the day, this is my daily station! And when I lose signal, my heart starts to shatter


I can’t start a day without Efm. it’s just the Best!”

Josh Homateni

“I like it.”

Kaudulafane Lazarus

“Cannot express my appreciation what efm means… I’m enjoying the discussion at this moment. I love u guys.”

Peter Lamet

“This station has given a great platform and opportunities for gospel musicians to aired their gospel of Jesus CHRIST and this station has kept part of their obligations by delivering the message of salvation to the world both digital and offline.”

Engineermcjohnrecords Nwadike

“This is my favorite Radio station. It’s number one.”

Bieckay YaMbwalala

“There is no competition for eFM. Great music, great programs. God’s own blessing to my ear …”

Pombili S

“Best radio station in the country. Great teachings, great discussions and perfect music. Touching lives and transforming mindsets–totally amazing!”

Elise Ndahafa Nghalipo

“Love EFM Radio, it’s always what I listen to when driving to work and am encouraged by the ministry through the presenters of EFM, God richly bless you!”

Michael Mutale

I love efm! I listen it when I am sad when I am glad and even when I feel nothing at all this station is food for my soul and spirit and keeps me. You go Carol…blessed new year for efm and crew

Samuel Papo