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A selection of our programming

Kenneth Copeland

Weekdays: 5h30; 9h30; 20h00 Sunday: Omnibus of the week’s programs: 20h00

28 minute programs discussing various topics based on the Word of Faith and how to apply it practically. An informative program featuring guest speakers.

Blessed Beatz

Friday: 20h30

Blessed Beatz is positive and inspirational hip hop program, with an edge to the merging of a pop-culture and faith. This program inspires, empowers and uplifts communities and listeners.

In Touch Dr. Charles Stanley

Weekdays: 6h00 Weekday Evenings 19h00

Saturday: Omnibus of the week’s programs: 5h30 / Sunday: 9h00 and 19h00

New York Times bestselling author, Dr Charles Stanley helps you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, in this program on biblical principals for everyday life

Movement Radio (EDM)

Monday: 20h30 Friday: 22h30

High energy EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJ Mix show features segments that highlight hot tracks, throwback tunes, encouraging words and the gospel message.

Planet Sport

Thursday: 13h15 Thursday: 17h00

Planet Sport covers sports from around the world. Up to date news and interviews featuring well known sportsmen and women, covering stories other media outlets have missed. Every program includes testimonies with sports stars, chatting about their faith in Jesus Christ and how it changed changed their careers. Planet Sports broadcasts live from all the biggest sports events around the globe.

Planet Sport Football Africa

Friday: 13h15 Friday: 16h30

A brilliant program covering Football in Africa, African Football players across the globe and how the sport affects the communities around them. Interviews with the players often center around their faith and testimony for Christ, including broadcasting live from all the biggest sports events around the globe.

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